ClinchPartner, Inc.

Power Tools for Fastener-Less Assembly

This is ClinchPartner - our Mission Statement


We support the global considerations of sustainable growth through minimized waste, lowest possible energy consumption and systematic recycling


We favor partnerships where operator health and safety stands in the foreground, offering a working environment with an absence of smoke, sparks, fumes, gases and hazardous levels of electro-magnetic radiation


We believe that there are production methods that marry high productivity without requiring long and costly training, lending them to use in developing countries as well as in the industrialized parts of the world

To this effect:

We want to promote joining methods like clinching as a complement to notably resistance welding and assembly using discrete fasteners like screws, rivets and pins


We work with partners in the area of technology and know-how transfer on the arena of fastener-less assembly for a long-lasting and mutually beneficial collaboration