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ClinchPartner, Inc. launches a family of cordless clinchers, the ClinchMaster MX4. 

An ultra-light tool for framing without screws, rivets or pins.

MX4 equipped with T45 tong
Case study from PEAB, Sweden on ClinchMaster MX4

For about a year PEAB has used the ClinchMaster MX4 cordless clinching tool for
curtain walls and it has been very well received >>>more

Curtain wall assembly using ClinchMaster MX4
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Mobility vital for solar panels

The ClinchMaster MX4 finds successful applications for on-site assembly of solar panel racks. The mobility of the clincher proves vitally beneficial for solar panel rack assembly in the field. Operators appreciate that they do not have to fool around with added fasteners like rivets, pop-rivets or screws.

MX4 assembling solar panel racks